The New Rules of Posture

By Mary Bond

The Way of Integrity

By Martha Beck

The Desire of Ages

By Ellen G. White

Body Mandala: Posture, Perception, and Presence

By Mary Bond

Health + Spirituality Ministries

Come and Reason Ministries

Accepting the Bible as authoritative, Come and Reason Ministries believes, rightly understood, that Scripture and Science harmonize perfectly. It seeks to present an integrated, evidence-based understanding of Scripture, Science and Experience to help its audience develop their full potential and experience healing of mind, character and relationships. 

Total Body Wellness Clinic

Dr. Todd Watts, D.C., PSC.D., Dr. Randy Michaux, D.C., PSC.D., Dr. Nick Ellenson, D.C., PSC.D., Carol Egan, B.A., M.Ed.

This clinic was my answer to 15+ years of actively questioning if I would ever feel good in my body. (Spoiler alert: the answer is yes!) It was my privilege to work with Dr. Randy Michaux – one of the kindest, gentlest, most gifted physicians I’ve ever met.

Vital Body Wellness

Learn from my good friend Dr. Andrea Bunch, a world-class music and movement therapist with a background in physical therapy and yoga, as she teaches you how to love the body you’re in, no matter your past history with exercise. All ages and levels are welcome!