The Three Steps to Equilibrium Checklist

Are you coping with job/career stress? Recovering from an injury? Healing from a physical or emotional trauma?

Your body knows how to help you find equilibrium. Rebuild healthy balance and stability while building your relationship with your body from the inside out by learning:

  • three key areas of internal stabilization
  • how they are misused
  • indications of health

These skills will help you right yourself after your world turns upside down and enjoy your life without waiting for perfect circumstances.

It’s the metaphor for love I wish I understood in my teens and twenties.

Back then, I was always rushing. Reacting. Surviving. It took circumstances of forced stillness for me to begin to pay attention to an allegory I had up to that point utterly ignored. The extravagant truth I learned when I finally stopped fighting long enough to listen was so much better than I thought. Surrounded by love but so determined to earn it that I kept throwing it away, my profound moment of awakening came at the point of my greatest weakness—when I began to understand the implications inherent in mattering, not in spite of my frailty, but because of it.    

Angela brings a gentle curiosity to her yoga practice and teaching and her compassion and care shine through in every interaction.

Kerry Maiorca, E-YRT500

Founder, Bloom Yoga Studio

With her experience in bodywork and teaching yoga, Angela taps into a reservoir of compassion through her embodied storytelling. Able to speak directly from the body’s experience, she manifests elegant prose that is both relatable and encouraging right to the core.

Sharon Wentz

E-RYT 500®, YACEP®

Study With Me

Anyone can put one foot in front of the other when the road is smooth and challenge-free. Today’s world calls us to dig deeper. Balanced, grace-filled movements and purpose-filled decisions are about unlearning all the ways we’ve learned to be harsh, forceful and unforgiving. While others can point the way, they can’t walk that path for us. Learn along with me as I explore what it feels like to be connected, present, confident and open-hearted during tough times, when the narrow, off-road trail calls your name.


When people ask me what resources helped me, these are the ones I point to without reservation. It’s a one-stop-shop collection of all my favorite things…

The books on my shelf with dog-eared pages and notes scribbled in the margins…

Teachers and health professionals who possess the special magic known as wisdom, who have invested their knowledge and gifts in all the best ways and are not afraid to tell the truth…

…And more.

Coming Soon! AV Handmade

A corner for keeping your hands busy…

One of my secret weapons for hacking the parasympathetic nervous system is working with my hands. It always grounds me. I’m a very tactile person by nature, so anything that gets me away from my computer screen and lets me engage in hands-on activities is a wonderful release! I find having a vehicle for creativity and productivity helps quiet an anxious mind and center a restless spirit. If you also find this soothing, are interested in yarn or just enjoy handcrafted items, you might like to check this out!

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